How often can a resident have visitors?

We assert no limitations on visiting times. Residents are encouraged to have visitors at any time.

Can a resident keep their own doctor?

Choosing a physician is a right of any resident. Maintaining a relationship with a doctor who has treated a patient for a long period of time may be beneficial. However, we do offer a house physician at each of our homes for convenience.

How are the medications ordered from the pharmacy?

All of the resident’s medication orders are sent to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will then “bubble-pack” the medications and deliver them to us monthly and as needed, along with any other supplies. The pharmacy will continue to bill the appropriate party directly (i.e., insurance company, Medicare, resident/power-of-attorney, etc.).

What happens if a resident’s funds run out?

All of our communities are private pay. Medicare does not reimburse for any assisted living home, and we do not participate in the Medicaid waiver. There may be resources, such as VA benefits, that a resident may qualify for. If all funds are diminished, we will assist in transitioning to a skilled nursing facility.

Can a resident receive therapy services in the assisted living home?

Yes, a resident can receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services in each of our homes.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, we provide a twin bed, dresser, night stand, and a chair. Residents are also welcome to bring their own furniture or mix and match with ours.

Can my pet visit?

Yes, as long as they have their current immunization record.