Room Amenities

All of the rooms in the Sun Valley Communities are fully furnished. We provide a comfortable single bed, nightstand, dresser with drawers, and a cushioned chair. You can choose to use all of these items, none, or mix and match with furniture that is more personal. We also provide bed and bath linens, and there is ample storage space in the private closet in each room. Each room and bathroom is equipped with a call system for enhanced safety and security. Each room is also cable or satellite ready. The majority of the rooms in our communities are private. Sun Valley, Homestead, and Meadows are equipped with an individual climate control and easily accessible full bathroom in the resident room.

Licensure for Level Three Care

Assisted living facilities in Maryland are licensed to provide up to three levels of care. These levels correspond with how much assistance residents need. Licensure at level one means the provider is authorized to take care of residents with low care needs. A level two license means the provider can also take care of residents with moderate care needs, and a level three license allows a provider to care for residents with high-level care needs (as well as maintain care of those with low or moderate needs). All Sun Valley Communities are licensed level three homes to allow for residents to stay and age in place.

Specialized Dementia Care

Ridge Overlook is our secured assisted living for maximum safety, dedicated to the care of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. The staff are highly trained in managing the concerns of caring for this population, such as effective behavior management, communication techniques, and activity stimulation. Ridge Overlook’s home-like environment is ideal in helping a resident be as comfortable and independent as possible, and easing their transition into our care.